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If you can’t seem to get a brilliant smile, don’t get discouraged. Visit Shelby Dental Family Dentistry to brighten it up. We offer affordable, effective teeth whitening service in Missoula, Montana. You’ll be sporting a gorgeous smile when you leave our office.

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How our process works

How our process works

We keep our teeth whitening process simple so you can get the smile you want ASAP. When you visit our office, Dr. Shelby will:

  • Perform a thorough exam to identify the problem
  • Explain the issue to you and how to better care for your teeth
  • Remove the dentin (the yellow substance that causes discoloration)
  • Show you how amazing your new smile looks

We use the latest teeth-whitening techniques at our office. You can trust us to help you maintain a white smile for life. Reach out to us today to talk to Dr. Shelby about teeth whitening treatment.