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Shelby Dental Family Dentistry offers first-rate family dental care in Missoula, Montana. We're committed to making sure you're comfortable and relaxed during your visits. Our top priority is providing you with the best dental care possible.

Our dental office in Missoula, Montana is unique because we work with patients of all ages. We especially appreciate serving our senior citizens! We'll provide your entire family with quality dental care so you can maintain healthy, beautiful smiles.

Visit our dentist office in Missoula, Montana today for your annual dental exam.

Why choose Shelby Dental Family Dentistry?

With so many dental offices in Missoula, Montana, why visit us? Our patients enjoy visiting us because we:

  • Provide root canal therapy
  • Perform annual dental cleanings
  • Install veneers, dentures and dental implants
  • Offer teeth whitening services
  • Value our senior citizens

Dr. Shelby takes great care to provide affordable dental care for seniors in our community. Come see for yourself why we're your ideal office for elder dental care.

Call 406-549-6323 now to make a dental care appointment in Missoula, Montana. Be sure to ask about our new patient special.

Patients young and old have received fantastic dental care at Shelby Dental Family Dentistry. We've been serving the Missoula community for over 20 years. Dr. Shelby is committed to maintaining healthy smiles for each of our patients. Trust us to provide the care you need so you can display a bright, confident smile.

If you don't have dental insurance, we'll give you a complimentary comprehensive exam and perform an X-ray. Contact us today to sign up for your first appointment.

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